FRAGRANCE // Perfumes to Fall for

FRAGRANCE // Perfumes to Fall for


Hello, Hallo & Bonjour! 

New season calls for new fragrances! Cuddle up with your pumpkin spice latte or gingerbread cappuccino and snuggle up to these perfumes. With the late summer season, thought I'd prepare you beautiful people for the colorful fall / autumn season that's around the corner. Though some of these are fitting for all seasons, there are some top go-to for the cool weather.

See below for recommendation, review, tricks-or-tips, and where to shop these beauties.

Extra bonus, majority of these fragrances are available in your local beauty shops or malls and make for a beautiful decor on your vanity or makeup stand!

Chloe Love Story: Fall for this perfume this fall. Floral, feminine, and elegant, this scent is sure to make you fall in love. It's been a popular perfume since its release in September 2014. It has this strange scent of love and warmth and makes you feel like you're in Paris in fall. I know, it sounds more like a romcom movie trailer description, but it's the truth. 

My Experience: I discovered this while reading through a magazine one day, and it just happened to come at a time when I was searching for a new perfume. It's been my fall and winter perfume for two years now, and I still feel like it's a new scent every time I wear it. I love the warmth of this perfume on my light sweaters and cardigans. 

How-to-use & Trick-or-Tip: It's a lighter perfume so to have it last all day, spray some onto your sweater (shoulder and neck side or on the arms, so when you move around, the scent springs into the air). It's a great date-night wear, so spray on right before you head out so the scent is fresh. Don't over spray everywhere because it's light. Keep it at a minimum, lovelies!

Price range:  75.00 USD / 64.50 EURO

Try it and let me know what you think!

Find it in Belgium here!



Molton Brown (Heavenly Gingerlily): This is sure to get you in the mood for fall / autumn with its warm and fresh scents of ginger, jasmine, cedarwood and musk. Molton Brown, famous for its fragrances and bath and body products, is quite popular in the U.K. and Europe and have been one of my favorite discoveries since I moved to Europe. The Heavenly Gingerlily is one of their best-sellers and beloved product by fans.  

My Experience: I received this as a gift from my friend who was visiting from the U.K., and I was ecstatic as I've never actually tried one of Molton Brown's products before but immediately I loved it! The packaging is gorgeous, and with perfumes laying on top of my vanity, I like to use decors that are practical and pretty. It was also a scent I haven't tried, so I enjoyed adding a new mix to my daily wears. The scent is quite strong and lasts all day, and it really gets me in the mood for fall. I did read some reviews on this perfume online, and there were a few that were negative due to change in packaging size and fragrance (as claimed by users), but I personally like it, and like any fragrance, you have to try it yourself and see if it suits you.

How-to-use & Trick-or-Tip: Recommend using this as an everyday wear. It isn't overly floral but also is not overly musky, so it's a great balance that will be pleasing to most people around you if you're at work or at school. Just spray a pump or two onto your wrists and dab on your neck. 

Price range: 65.00 USD / 49.00 EURO

To find in Belgium / EU, click here!

Try it and let me know what you think!

Tory Burch by Tory Burch: A Modern woman statement. Feel fresh and cool with this scent, completely filled with floral from peony and light fruity touch from citrus. A great everyday wear and beautiful decor for your vanity, it comes in various sizes and even rollerball stick that you can take on-the-go and for travels. 

My Experience: A few months back, I visited a Tory Burch boutique store in Atlanta, USA with my sweet mama, and found this perfume all around the store decor and fell in love with it. My mom and I loved it so much that we each bought one for ourselves. I love beauty products or clothing pieces that you can share with your mom. Something about sharing femininity makes our bond stronger. For me, it's been a must-have, so I brought two of these bottles with me to Belgium so I would not run out, since I use it so frequently. 

How-to-use & Trick-or-Tip: Spray lightly on your wrists and dab gently around your neck and under your hair. The scent is fairly light and gentle, so it's perfect to wear to work or school where a lot of people are around. Don't be that person who makes others choke over your perfume or cologne! 

Price range: 72.00-96.00 USD

Shop Your Bulgari Omnia Crystalline

Shop Your Bulgari Omnia Crystalline

Bulgari Omnia (coral & crystalline): Omnia is one of the most popular perfume line from Bulgari and a standard staple from Bulgari across beauty shops, globally. The Omnia Coral feels more summer fresh, light and warm, while the Omnia Crystalline, feels more cool, sophisticated and understated, probably why it's the best seller of the Omnia collection. Click the images here to shop them!

My Experience: I love the Omnia line so much that I tried 3 of their perfumes. My two favorite are the Coral and Crystalline, hence my recommendation and review. The Omnia Crystalline seems to be universally loved, and I can see why. It's the perfect statement perfume and an everyday wear that's easy to spray on (no caps, just a pump) so it's a quick go-to before you run out the door. The Omnia Coral is a great summer fresh scent, but while I was in Atlanta, with the warm weather lingering all year long, I used it quite often throughout fall and winter seasons. However, if you're traveling away to somewhere tropical for Christmas or New Years, take the coral with you and get in the mood. 

How-to-use & Trick-or-Tip: With the convenient pump (and no-cap packaging), spray on your clothes and around the lower part of your hair to last all day. 

Price range: 66.00-82.00 USD / 52.90 EURO

Find in Belgium here: Coral & Crystalline 

Try it and comment your suggestions and thoughts below!

Hope you guys found this edit / blog post to be helpful! Let me know if you guys have tried any of these, and if you have any favorites that are not mentioned here! Spray on and stay fresh lovelies!