Summer Obsession: Floral Kimono

Summer Obsession: Floral Kimono

Hello, Hallo, Bonjour Lovelies! 

Say hello to summer and kimonos! I love all these new printed kimonos, and I'm sharing my 7 favorite kimonos with y'all. Also, I'll show how to pull-off these delicates for your summer style and where to find some affordable kimonos without breaking the bank!

If you don't already have one of these in your closet for this summer, you should consider adding it to your summer edition. They are out on the high-streets at the moment, so they are an easy find! And yes, they are available to Belgium! The one I am wearing here is from Mango but they are currently not available, but no worries, I got you. I listed 7 beautiful kimonos from various price ranges for you to shop through (scroll to the bottom)! 

Floral kimonos are already such delicate and feminine design, and I didn't want to lose that side with a t-shirt, so I opted for a silk cami to create a seamless transition from the kimono to this summer-day-wear top (similar here & here & here & here). However, if you feel a bit awkward wearing a long kimono-style robe (which can look like a bathrobe if not styled appropriately), pair it with a pair of light-ripped denim shorts (similar here) or opt for a light, simple t-shirt underneath this look to give it more of a day-wear look. This way, it looks less of a night-gown style. 

Psssttt...a little fashion tip: nude/skin-tone wedges give the illusion of longer legs. This may be useful if you're wearing a long robe/ outerwear which sometimes can shorten your appearance. See these nude wedges here. I loves these because they are velcro and any piece of fashion that saves time and energy is a must! 

Lastly, throw on a cool shade of sunglasses to rock this look for the summer! Enjoy Lovelies! If you want to see more summer looks from First and Seven, feel free to comment here or on any of my social channels!