SUMMER SALE is ON// Shopping Guide for Your Must-Haves

SUMMER SALE is ON// Shopping Guide for Your Must-Haves

Hello, Hallo & Bonjour! 

Summer sales somehow seem to unleash the shopping adrenaline in us, potentially creating chaos and dilemma when it comes to shopping...especially in stores. Hence, here is a comprehensive, easy shopping guide on the, yes, trending, but more so, worthy and value-added pieces to include in your wardrobe.

Take this as an advantage to buy that skirt or shirt that you wanted to give it a try, but the full-price didn't justify for occasional wear.

For sales, try to opt for categories in Jackets, Coats, Skirts, Dresses & Jumpsuits, Tops, and Shoes. I explain below for each category why and why not other categories like shorts. These are from all the top Fast-Fashion stores because they are accessible for all of you regardless of your location.

Just click the images below to shop or pick them in stores. 


First up, tops. These are chosen for you to shop from the sales items due to their long-lasting styles and rich design, meaning you can wear these this summer, fall, and winter to next spring and summer and perhaps on and on. Just because something is half the price and is on sale, doesn't mean you should just buy whatever looks "Ok," but really take this as an opportunity to buy something that is a bit bold and more styled than your average basics. With prices halved and more, it's a perfect opportunity to give these a try without breaking the bank.

11 Styles to Look for: 

  • Gingham/ Vichy
  • Leather 
  • Studs/ Lots of Decor 
  • Patterns 
  • Floral (dark)
  • Sheer / See-through
  • Houndstooth / Pied-de-poule
  • Flared sleeves / Bold sleeves
  • Ribboned
  • Crop Tops
  • Deep cuts in blouses


Shop the Summer Sales here. Just click the images of styles you like and you're on your way.


Why when it's summer?! Because ladies, summer is over in a couple of weeks and you may want to use some of that sales towards a jacket for, well, the rest of the year. Hence, these are the top recommendations that are unique and bold, yet can be worn easily with all your favorite items. 

7 Styles to Look for: 

  • Gingham/ Vichy
  • Leather 
  • Studs/ Lots of Decor 
  • Bright Colors
  • Trench
  • Buttons (embellishment) 
  • Houndstooth / Pied-de-poule


Ahhh, skirts are up next! Rather than pants or shorts, I opted to add skirts to our guide because unlike shorts, skirts can be easily worn throughout the seasons, and these are the top recommendations that, yes, will still be trending post-sales season. Pants are not included because pants are need to have the right fit and sales items may not be the greatest place to find that bootylicious pair.

10 Styles to Look for: 

  • Ruffles/ Flares
  • Tweed
  • Pleated
  • Wrapped-around style
  • Gingham/ Vichy
  • Leather 
  • Studs/ Lots of Decor 
  • Floral (dark colors)
  • Buttons (embellishment) 
  • Houndstooth / Pied-de-poule


Say hello to your stylish and beautiful dresses for the rest of the year. These are perfect for majority of your everyday to special occasions and even to a date night if you're looking for that LBD (little black dress). Try to avoid long, maxi dresses as they will come back in season for the summer with new patterns and designs, so avoid the past season designs to stay in style.

These can be layered with a blouse or shirt underneath or worn alone. Bonus, these pair great with high-thigh boots, heels, mid-calf length boots and booties (a.k.a. ankle boots). 

8 Styles to Look for: 

  • Floral
  • Leather 
  • Black 
  • Lace
  • Sheer
  • Flared bottoms
  • Sheer/ See-through
  • Velvet


Speaking of shoes, let's move on down to pair you with these beauties. There's a mix of warm and cold weather-appropriate shoes here but mainly these shoes are bold and are made to make your outfit POP! I love investing in bold-design-driven shoes when they're on sale (50% and more) because no matter the outfit, if you have a great pair of poppin' shoes, they will, guaranteed, make your basics super stylish.

7 Styles to look out for to ensure you're buying your budget-worthy shoes:

  • Velvet
  • Large ribbons/ Knots
  • Chunky Heels
  •  Sling Backs (thanks to Chanel's and Dior's inspiration)
  • Shiny (copper, gold, silver tones)
  • Beads and Patches
  • Bold and Bright Colors

Sales season is the perfect time to purchase these bold-design shoes because...

  1.  Let's face it, shoes are worn on the ground, all over the place, their life span is much shorter compared to, say, handbags.
  2.  Bold-design shoes are not always going to be your everyday pair, so not wanting to spend the full-price (sometimes marked up) are not ideal for purchases and probably a smarter decision if you're on a budget. [Don't mistake this as advice to "NEVER" purchase expensive, designer shoes. They have their purposes that fit some people's lifestyle, timing, and budget, and chosen well, can be worth it]. 

Hope this guide and all the suggestions were useful and helpful! Good luck on your shopping spree and sales adventure, lovelies! Find items that show the best version of YOU and don't settle for "OK" items...truly want and love them because they serve a purpose. That's when you know you found the right outfit pieces. 

Much love from Antwerpen <3